The Victorian Rowing Hall of Fame was initiated in 2010 to recognise rowers, coaches, administrators and others who by their actions and conduct have brought great fame to the sport.

Six inductions have been made, with the latest occurring in November 2022.

Inductees into the Hall of Fame will come from throughout the history of Victorian rowing.


To gain entry to the Victorian Rowing Hall of Fame, nominees must not only have brought fame to the sport, but must also have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the sport and be regarded as the great people of the sport. The following guidelines have been issued:

  1. Nominees will be assessed to the extent possible on the standards of their day and not against contemporary standards. For example, inter-colonial or interstate champions successful prior to organised international competition will be highly regarded in the same way as the world champions of today. The key criteria for rowers will be good success.
  2. Innovators in the sport will be highly regarded, as will those who have taken the sport to a significantly higher level. This will enable coaches, selectors, administrators and organisations to be nominated.
  3. Nominees who are the first to achieve certain goals will also be highly regarded.
  4. Long and dedicated service to the sport will be highly regarded but that service alone will be insufficient to gain entry to the Rowing Victoria Hall of Fame.
  5. Nomination of persons whose contribution has been made in the preceding 10 years will be considered. However the judges consider that at least that amount of time must have elapsed in order to assess whether the nominees have produced the outstanding contribution required.
  6. Not only individuals but also crews may be nominated. The individuals in the crew will enter the RV Hall of Fame.
  7. Nominees will need to demonstrate sufficient connection with Victoria for consideration.
  8. Nominees must be of good repute, fame and character.



Nominations are assessed by the Rowing Victoria Awards Committee and recommendations made to the Rowing Victoria Board for approval.



Nominations can be sent to the CEO of Rowing Victoria


Current Victorian Rowing Hall of Fame Members

Michael Aikman

E R Ainley

Phillip Ainsworth

Martin Aitken

Robert Aitken

Peter Antonie

John Arthur

Graham Barns

Charles Bartlett

Debbie Bassett

Malcolm Batten

Kath Bennett

Jon Berney

Thomas Bertrand

Valmai Bertrand

Eliza Blair

Robert D Booth

David Boykett

Graeme Boykett

Kim Brennan

Marina Cade

Norman Cairnes

Arthur Cambridge

James Cazaly

Alex Chamley

Sue Chapman-Popa

Fleur Chew

G Coates

Thomas Colles

David Colvin

Andrew Cooper

David Crawshay

John Cumper

Tom Daffy

Brian Dalton

Terry Davies

Jason Day

Brian Digby

Clive Disher

Ben Dodwell

Charles Donald

James Donald

Noel Donaldson

Marc Douez

David Douglas

Ian Douglas

Brian Doyle

David Doyle

Mark Doyle

Joshua Dunkley-Smith

Anthony Edwards

James Edwards

Stewart Elder

David England

Hannah Every-Hall

Sir George Fairbairn

Stephen Fairbairn

Barbara Fenner

Karsten Forsterling

Margot Foster

Pauline Frasca

Deirdre Fraser

Hubert Frederico

Kay Fry

Phil Gardiner

Richard Garrard

Simon Gillett

Stephen Gillon

Drew Ginn

Nick Green

W M Greenland

Paul Guest

Gary Gullock

John Harry

Dennis Hatcher

John Hawkins

Brett Hayman

Sarah Heard

H Neil Hewitt

Sir Joseph Hood

Kate Hornsey

James Howden

Neville Howell

Prof Martin Irving

Alastair Isherwood

Alan Jacobsen

Campbell Johnston

Justine Joyce

Rebecca Joyce

Ted Kenny

Walter Lambert

John Lang

Susan Lee

Charles Lehman

Charles Littlejohn

William Lockwood

Matthew Long

Lewis Luxton

Margaret Mackenzie

Cameron McKenzie-McHarg

Adrian Maginn

Garth Manton

James Marburg

Emily Martin

Graeme McCall

Lyall McCarthy

Michael McKay

Reg McKay

Alice McNamara

T Meyer

Andrew Michelmore

Henry Mitchell

James Mitchell

Robert Mitchell

Adrian Monger

Sir Stephen Morell

Chris O’Brien

David Ochert

W M Orr

David Palfreyman

Susie Palfreyman

Elizabeth Patrick

Sam Patten

Peter Philp

Ion Popa

Ian Porter

David Ramage

Paul Reedy

Geoff Rees

Robert Richards

Brian Richardson

Rosemary Richardson

Malcolm Robertson

Jane Robinson

Kathryn Ross

Matt Russell

Christian Ryan

Robyn Selby-Smith

Catriona Sens

Arthur Shepherd

Alex B Sloan

Colin Smith

Sydney Smith

Tim Smith

Harry Ross Soden

Stephen Spurling

Dushan Stankovich

Phoebe Stanley

Rod Stewart

Jeff Sykes

Bill Tait

Sarah Tait

Rachael Taylor

Lachlan Thompson

Ray Todd

Martin Tomanovits

James Tomkins

Gayle Toogood

Eric Tulloch

Gyles Turner

Angus Tyers

George Upward

Brian Vear

David Webster

Jack Webster

Pam Westendorf

Verna Westwood

Leeanne Whitehouse

Noel Wilkinson

Leisa Wilson

Roger Wilson

Sally Withers

H Woolnough

Tim Wright

George Xouris

David Yates

Anne Young