When can I submit my entries?

Regatta entries generally open five weeks prior to the regatta and close at 1:00pm on the Monday morning prior to the regatta. Exceptions to this rule are the Head of the Yarra, Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta, APS Head of the River and National Championships.

Please check the information page for each regatta in Rowing Manager or on our calendar page


Can I enter individuals in multiple events?

Clubs should carefully consider which events it's possible to double up in in any regatta.

It is not possible to enter consecutive events, or even within approximately five events of each other in the pre-set order.

Clubs should consider the interval between races, boat classes, distance to and from the course and the experience of the crew when determining what to enter. Because of the factors involved, it is not possible for Rowing Victoria to impose limitations at the point of entry.

Clubs can only enter individuals with a current competitive membership who have agreed to the Rowing Australia Terms & Conditions. The Terms & Conditions will be emailed to each member when they are assigned a State Membership.

Rowing Victoria will not change the pre-set order.


Can I make entries after entries have closed?

Late entries may be accepted where a lane is available, but only up until 9.00am on the Wednesday prior to the regatta.  Late entries must be submitted in Rowing Manager by a Club Administrator. Individual Club members must not contact Rowing Victoria directly.

Late entries incur a fine of 100% of the seat fee which will be charged regardless of the reason for late entries being submitted. Remember, entries are open for about two to five weeks prior to the regatta.


When am I committed to paying for my entries?

Once regatta entries close, you are committed to paying for your entries regardless of whether the regatta goes ahead or not.

The two exceptions are:

  • When the regatta is canceled due to lack of entries, and
  • Any entries in non-events, which are not transferred to another event.

More information is available here. Where a regatta is canceled due to weather or other significant events, the Regatta Cancellation Policy will apply.


Who does RV send regatta entry invoices to?

Rowing Victoria invoices the Club that submitted each entry. For composite entries, the Club submitting the entry will need to collect the seat fees and any other competition related costs from crew members, or invoice the other Club/s.

Invoices are generated after the regatta, when all crew changes have been made, so that Clubs receive correct crew details for subsequent charging to members. Of course, Clubs should ensure that all crew changes are submitted through Rowing manager or made at the Regatta to simplify the process of charging members.


Do my regatta entry invoices include GST?


Rowing Victoria will provide a Tax Invoice when the regatta organising committee is registered for GST, and your Club or School will be able to claim an input tax credit if it is registered for GST.

Where the organising committee is not registered for GST then Rowing Victoria will provide an entry Invoice and your Club or School will not be able to claim an input tax credit, and may need to add GST when passing regatta entry costs through to your members.

More information is available here.


Can I change my Crew?

Up to 50% of a crew can be changed between entries closing and the crews first heat. In the event of illness or injury, crew changes can also be made after the crews first heat. Please refer to Rules 52 and 53 here.

Crew changes should be submitted in Rowing Manager up until 2.30pm on the last business day before the regatta. After this point, all crew changes should be submitted to the regatta secretary at the regatta.

Rule 49 provides for the disqualification of all crew members where false declarations are made. A fine of $21 per occurrence applies when crew changes are not made.


Rules of Racing

Rowing Victoria's rules of racing are available here.

In particular Part II Rowers & Coxswains details the events including under age, school, masters, mixed and para. School events are restricted to crews consisting of representatives of one school only.



Can I withdraw my entry before entries close?

Absolutely, entries can be deleted in Rowing Manager. There is no commitment to pay for regatta entries until entries close.


When do I need to scratch an entry to avoid any fines?

If you scratch your entry by 2.30pm on the last business day (usually Friday) before the regatta no fine applies. The entry fee must still be paid.

Any crew that is scratched after 2.30pm on the last business day is a 'late scratching' which incurs a fine of $100. The only exception is for any crew that is scratched for medical reasons - the scratching form must be countersigned by first aid at the regatta.

Any crew that fails to scratch and does not appear at the start is a 'non-appearance' which incurs a fine of $200. There are no exceptions.

Scratchings should be submitted in Rowing Manager before 2.30pm on the last business day prior to the regatta. After this time, all scratchings must be submitted to the regatta secretary at the regatta.



Does my club/school need to provide a level 1 BRO for a regatta?

All clubs who have entered into a regatta may be required to provide a level 1 official. Rosters will be published the Wednesday before the regatta.

Once published, the roster will not be altered. If you wish to swap sessions, you must do this directly with another club.

If you would like to request a particular shift please email us prior to publication of the roster.

Failure to provide a Level 1 BRO as rostered incurs a fine of $200.


When do I find out when I am racing at a regatta?

A draft schedule will be published Monday afternoon following the close of entries, and a final schedule will be published on Wednesday in the week of the regatta. Do not call Rowing Victoria as you will delay the process.

Lane draws are generally not published online until the regatta day. Programs or copies of the draw will be available at the regatta, and may be available online on m.vic.rowingmanager.com.


Are live results available online?

Yes, results will be published as they are received online via m.vic.rowingmanager.com on your mobile device.



When do Club's need to affiliate their members with RV?

Clubs should give their members a state membership on, or soon after the 1st July each year, if they are relying on Rowing Australia's Insurance Programme for Personal Accident cover for their members. Individuals must have a current Club and State membership to be covered. More information is available here.

State membership is also required to be exempted from wearing PFD's when on the water.


What type of state membership do I need if I want to compete?

Individuals must have a competitive state membership to be entered in regattas. Clubs can assign or upgrade any individual to a competitive state membership if they have a verified ID/DOB and accepted the National Membership Terms (via email).

Where an individual does not have a verified ID/DOB, they must provide proof of ID/DOB to Rowing Victoria for verification. A photo of a drivers license, passport or other official documentation that shows the individuals name and date of birth will suffice. Send all verfication via email.


What type of state membership do I need if I don't want to compete or am currently unsure if I will compete?

Individuals who are affiliated with a Club/School and do not get on the water can be allocated a "Supporter" or an "Officials/Volunteers" membership.

Individuals who are affiliated with a Club/School and do row on the water will be required to have a "Recreational" membership allocated.

If nothing else, this is for insurance purposes. Clubs can first assign a rowing member a "Recreational" membership until it is certain that they will compete, in which case they will then be required to upgrade the individual to a "Competitive" membership and ensure they have a verified ID/DOB.


How do I request a state membership for a member of my Club?

Instructions for allocating a state membership is available here. Instructions for upgrading a state membership is available here.


How do I transfer to another club?

All transfers between clubs need to be processed online via Rowing Manager and be approved by both clubs involved. The transfer process can be initiated by either club, or the individual concerned. Instructions for transferring is available here.

A transfer may not be approved where an individual owes money or outstanding disciplinary measures exist. However if the transferring Club fails to respond within 7 days to the Rowing Manager notification, the transfer will be deemed to be approved, and the individual is allowed to compete for their new Club.

Where there is a delay in a transfer, the first point of contact is always with the Club that hasn't authorised the transfer.

After 7 days, Rowing Victoria assumes consent and reserves the right to complete the transfer.



Need the answer for something not covered above? Feel free to send us an email at info@rowingvictoria.asn.au and we will try to assist!