The Rowing Victoria Awards are presented annually at the Rowing Victoria Awards night. Presentations include Club Premierships, Volunteer Recognition Awards, Nominated Awards, and Rower's of the Year. Rowing Victoria would like to acknowledge past recipients of Rowing Victoria Awards & Premierships below.


Club Premierships 

Premierships are traditionally awarded to clubs in four sections; Champion Club, Senior, Club/Grade, and Masters. See previous premiers via our Premiership Archive.


Volunteer Recognition Awards (2010-Present)

Victorian Rowing relies on the contribution and support of volunteers, whether umpires, regatta volunteers, commission and committee members, board members or the many other roles which contribute to the success of rowing in Victoria. We thank them all for their commitment of time and energy and acknowledge the role that they have played. 

The William Waterfield Outstanding Service Award

This award is named after life member William Waterfield who exemplifies long and outstanding service to the sport in Victoria. William was the backbone of the administration of the Association for some 30 years.

The Kath Bennett Community Service Award

The Kath Bennett Award for Outstanding Service to a Rowing Community in Victoria is planned to capture those people who have done outstanding work in a club, regatta committee or region. Life member Kath Bennett is a fine example of such work with reinvigorating women’s rowing in Victoria prior to amalgamation with the men’s association in 1979.

The Bob Duncan Award for Commitment and Professionalism of Umpires

Bob Duncan was an Olympian but more importantly, a dedicated, long serving, and excellent umpire. He led the improvement in umpiring standards and broke new ground in many aspects of umpiring. Given the heavy workloads undertaken by our umpires, this special award is to recognise outstanding service to umpiring, displaying excellence in their umpiring, and improving various umpiring operations at large.

The Susie Palfreyman Award for Distinguished Service to School Rowing

A woman who continues to play a significant role in Victorian rowing, this award is named after Susie Palfreyman. Developing a world class program at Methodist Ladies’ College, founding the Head of the Schoolgirls Regatta, and continuing to support initiatives such as the Hall of Fame event, Susie continues to be a wonderful role model for women in Rowing.


Nominated Awards (2008-Present)

Regatta of the Year

The Regatta of the Year award is presented to a regatta which has a strong volunteer base; is strongly supported by external stakeholders; has a great atmosphere, its regatta committee thinks outside the square and non-rowing activities are provided; in addition to the regatta considering its 5-10-year regatta plans. 

Club Person of the Year 

The Club Person of the Year award is presented to a club member who has demonstrated respect, initiative, and personal commitment to the sport of rowing and to their club; demonstrated their ability to work as part of a team and is well respected amongst their peers / club mates; in addition to having achieved success in their position. 

School Person of the Year 

The School Person of the Year award is presented to a school member who, over 
the season demonstrated respect, initiative, and personal commitment to the sport of rowing and to their school; demonstrated their ability to work as part of a team and is well respected amongst peers / colleagues / club mates; and has achieved success in this position. 

Coach of the Year 

The Coach of the Year award is presented to a currently accredited coach who has included a broad range of rowers in their program and has modified and individualised techniques, equipment and coaching methods to cater for all; implemented a system which deals with any issues that may arise such as harassment, conflict and other ethical issues; encouraged their rowers to participate in a range of regattas and other programs to improve their development; been willing to volunteer their time to the development of the sport and contributed to the wider rowing community; and has been involved in working with less experienced coaches to assist with the development and growth of the next generation of coaches. 

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