Para Rowing has been included in the Paralympic program since 2008, and is supported by both Rowing Victoria and Rowing Australia. Rowing Victoria strongly encourages all of our clubs to consider the inclusion of rowers with disabilities (para-rowers) into their membership.

A number of opportunites are available, including competing for Australia, Victoria, or your local club! If you're in Victoria and would like to give Para Rowing a go, contact Delwyn, our State Development & Pathway Coordinator (details below), and she can help get you started!

To learn more about the sport of Para Rowing, Paralympics Australia have developed an information sheet which you can find here.



Class Description (Guide Only)
PR1 Athletes with the most significant physical impairments. Rowers primarily use their arms and shoulders to accelerate the boat, as they have minimal use of their torso and legs. Athletes use strapping around their torso to provide support and stability in the boat. 
PR2 Rowers use their torso and arms to accelerate the boat. PR2 boats are equipped with fixed seats.
PR3 Rowers may have a physical (PR3 - PI) or vision impairment (PR3-VI). Rowers are able to use their arms, torso and legs and can use a sliding seat during stroke.
Not Eligible (NE) Athletes do not meet the minimum criteria for the para-sport classes. Rowing Australia offer competition opportunities for athletes with an intellectual impairment. Contact Rowing Australia for more information.


Athletes are assessed by the Rowing Australia Medical and Technical Classifiers and placed in the appropriate Sport Class. The assessment looks at the athletes range of movement, strength, and coordination in all limbs. For more information, visit the Rowing Australia website below.




At a Paralympic level, athletes are selected for the Single Scull (men’s and women’s), Double Scull (mixed), and Coxed Four (mixed). Further opportunities also exist at World Rowing events. At a national level, athletes are provided the opportunity to represent Victoria in the Single Scull, with a number of racing opportunities at the club level throughout the season.

Senior Para-Rowing National Team Selection Policy

2024 Senior & Para National Team Event Requirements

Nominate for the Senior Australian Rowing Team and NTC (closed)

2024 Victorian Para State Team Selection Requirements

Nominate for the 2024 Victorian Para State Team

Nominations closed January 11 2024.



Adaptive rowing boats use the same hull as able-bodied boats, however can be equipped with specials seats and pontoons (pictured), which vary according to the ability of the rower.

Seats can be either sliding or fixed, and offer 'complimentary' or 'postural' support for those who have compromised sitting balance. Straps are included in the seats, ensuring the upper body is supported and remains in a fixed position.

Buoyancy devices called pontoons can be attached to the boat riggers of smaller boats, and act as stabilisers by providing additional lateral balance.



Delwyn Oliver

Rowing Victoria

State Development & Pathway Coordinator


P: 0447 373 456


Chad King

Rowing Australia

Paralympic Head Coach


P: N/A


James Loveday

Rowing Australia

Para-Rowing Lead Coach


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