Rowing Victoria supports our member Clubs and Schools by providing a comprehensive regatta calendar covering Open, Underage, School, Grade, and Masters Competition. The 2023/24 Regatta Calendar is available below.

This section provides information for competitors, organising committees and officials along with answers to frequently asked questions. Information on how to use, and access, Rowing Manager is also available below.


Full Regatta Calendar



Important Documents

Guiding Principles for Schools for Regatta Scheduling 2023-24

RV Regatta Cancellation Policy

RV Regatta Extreme Heat Policy

For a full list of Regatta Policies, please see our Rules & Policies page.


Regatta Entries

Rowing Victoria uses Rowing Manager for managing regatta entries, scheduling, and results as well as the management of state memberships. The following documents will help you with common Rowing Manager tasks:


Club Contact and Administrators

  1. Updating Club & School Contacts
  2. Updating System Administrators


System Access

  1. Giving System Access 
  2. Request & Recover Passwords



  1. Adding Members
  2. Adding Bulk Members
  3. Renewing State Memberships
  4. Upgrading Memberships
  5. Intrastate and Interstate transfers can be done online Transfers.
  6. Non Admin Members


Regatta Entries

  1. Rowing Manager Regatta Entries help is available here
  2. Entry System Users
  3. Barring Individuals
  4. Regatta Entries
  5. Authorising Entries
  6. Pre Saved Crews
  7. Scratchings and crew changes are now done via Rowing Manager prior to 2.30pm on the last business day (generally Friday) before the Regatta, after this time they will then need to be processed by the Regatta Secretary on the day of the Regatta.


If you need any further assistance, please contact, or check out our FAQ.