So you want to be an accredited coxswain?  You are required to complete the following online assessment:

  • The Good Coxswain Course (assessment). This will take less than 60 minutes and must be completed (pass mark achieved: 33 out of 43) in one sitting, otherwise you will have to return to the beginning. The $30 accreditation fee will be charged to your club or school upon submission.  

  • If you do not receive a score of 33 or higher you may retake the course as many times as required. Your score will be displayed at the end of the quiz.

  • Please complete your full name, D.O.B and club/school at the end of the quiz. Incomplete details may result in your coxswain accreditation being unable to be processed.

  • You will not receive a confirmation email at the course. Rowing Victoria will review your submitted quiz and process accordingly.

  • Coxswain accreditation may take up to one week before being visible in Rowing Manager.



Unaccredited coxswains and their crews will be required by Maritime Safety Victoria to wear PFDs (life jackets) while rowing on water at any time and in addition will be unable to be entered into RVs regattas until they are accredited in our system.

An updated list of accredited coxes is viewable via the Club / School Membership List (both current and previous season) for System Administrators on Rowing Manager. Your System Administrator will be able to provide you with this list. 

Please contact if you have any difficulties or require clarification of requirements.



In accordance with Marine Safety legislation, Rowing Victoria (RV) has made accreditation to the above course compulsory for all coxswains in Victoria. All coxswains must be Level 1 accredited before coxing a rowing boat in Victoria. This includes coxswains competing in any regatta and those who are part of a social crew (non-competing). The course draws substantially upon the Good Coxswain Booklets 1 - 6. It outlines: the coxswain's role, a criteria for assessing coxing competence, basic safety considerations and responsibilities. As of November 15 2017, RV no longer offer face-to-face courses. 



The Good Coxswain Video Course is an older, however still useful, resource that you can use to test your coxswain knowledge prior to taking the Rowing Victoria quiz. This will take approximately 90 minutes to complete, but you can leave the site at any time and return to the place from which you left off. 

NOTE: We highly recommend that you undertake this course on a computer or tablet. If you undertake this course on a mobile, you may have some issues with functionality depending on your device and settings.



If you currently hold a Level 1 or higher coaches accreditation you will not require a coxswain accreditation as your coaches accreditation will be sufficient to indicate a competent level of recognised prior learning.


Coxing Videos covering our workbooks

RV Coxing Video Part 1 

This video goes through our workbooks 1, 2 and 3. 


The Below Good Coxswain Booklets are available to Victorian Rowers Via Request. Please email