Victoria Crowned King's & Queen's of ARC

Published Mon 25 Mar 2024


The Australian Rowing Championships (ARC) have concluded after a huge week of racing at the Sydney International Regatta Centre in Penrith, NSW.

Well done to all Victorians who competed across the week, including all our Victorian State Team representatives! It was fantastic to see the Big White V claim both the Queen's and King's Cups, with strong performances by all crews including a selection of Silver and Bronze medals.

The Queen's Cup victory continues Victoria's dominance in the event, whilst the King's Cup returns to Victorian hands, with our last success in 2021.

See below for the full Victorian medal summary.






Women's PR3 Single Scull - Susannah Lutze, Coach: Eleanor Crute - Bronze 🥉

Men's PR3 Single Scull - Nick Bartlett, Coach: Henry McLeod - Bronze 🥉

Nell Slatter Trophy - Women's Single Scull - Ria Thompson - Silver 🥈

President's Cup - Men's Single Scull - Dom Frederico, Coach: Alistair Matthews - 6th

Victoria Cup - Lightweight Women's Quadruple Scull - Ellie Brennan, Lucy De Gleria Cade, Maggie Foley, Antonietta Di Cosmo, Coaches: Virginia Lee, Eleanor Crute - Bronze 🥉

Penrith Cup - Lightweight Men's Coxless Four -  Jordan Roberts, Nick Szigeter, Charles Rahdon, Benjamin Whitmee, Coach: Alistair Matthews - Silver 🥈

Bicentennial Cup - Women's Youth Eight -  Zara Kfouri, Jess Hawker, Jemima Wilcox, Meg Dumbrell, Abigail Cox, Sarah Marriott, Chloe Nevins, Lucy Richardson, Cox: Jacqui Evans, Coaches: Connor McConville, Zoe Fettig-Winn - Silver 🥈

Noel Wilkinson Cup - Men's Youth Eight - Benjamin Marchant, Amos Kirk, Max Currie, James Houghton, Tom Foley, Lachlan Idle, Nicholas Bryant, Winston Hooper, Cox: Josh Feferkranz, Coach: Paul McGann - Bronze 🥉

Queen's Cup - Women's Eight - Katrina Werry, Eliza Gaffney, Jean Mitchell, Amanda Bateman, Laura Foley, Lucy Stephan, Jess Morrison, Paige Barr, Cox: Hayley Verbunt, Coaches: Lucy Stephan, Beth Ross - Gold 🥇

King's Cup - Men's Eight - Benjamin Canham, Tim Masters, Austin Reinehr, Rohan Lavery, Fergus Hamilton, Simon Keenan, Jack Robertson, Angus Widdicombe, Cox: James Rook, Coaches: Matt Ryan, Alistair Matthews - Gold 🥇



Men's Coxless Pair - Joachim Henderson, Max Mason, Coach: P. Blanchfield (WBRC) - Silver 🥈

Women's Coxed Four - Firbank Grammar -  P. Dalton-Morris, A. Grace, E. Bailey, F. Dever, Cox: A. Fyfe - Bronze 🥉

Men's Coxed Four - Ballarat Clarendon - S. Hall, M. Mason, J. Forsyth, C. McClure, Cox: R. Belcher, Coach: I. Peele - Gold 🥇 & St. Patrick’s College - N. Bennett, A. Murfett, P. O'Brien, H. Reinehr, Cox: J. McLean, Coach: D. O'Doherty - Silver 🥈



Women's Single Scull - Zara Kfouri (YYRC), Coach: D. Ochert - Bronze 🥉

Women's Coxless Pair - G. Montague (UQBC), Lucy Richardson (WBRC), Coaches: J. McDonald, P. Bourguignon - Gold 🥇

Men’s Coxless Pair - Tom Foley, Winston Hooper (MUBC) - Gold 🥇

Women's Double Scull - Zara Kfouri (YYRC), Z. Bond (SUBC), Coaches: A. Young, S. Balosso - Gold 🥇

Men's Double Scull - N.Whalan (SRC), Charlie Rahdon (Corio Bay) - Silver 🥈

Women's Coxed Four - Wendouree Ballarat Composite - L. Fievez (SRRC), G. Spencer (SRRC), G. Montague (UQBC), L. Richardson (WBRC), Cox: G. Bales (WBRC), Coaches: M. Beer, J. McDonald, P. Bourguignon - Gold 🥇 & MUBC - T. Crosthwaite, C. Nevins, M. Dumbrell, J. Wilcox, Cox: J. Evans - Bronze 🥉

Men's Coxed Four- Melbourne University - N. Bryant, J. Houghton, T. Foley, W. Hooper, Cox: J. Feferkranz - Bronze 🥉

Women's Quadruple Scull - Zara Kfouri (YYRC), M. Joines (SRC), L. Page (SRC), T.Knoke-Driver (SRC), Coaches: L. Carter, F. Griffiths, D. Ochert - Gold 🥇

Men's Quadruple Scull - C.Rahdon (Corio Bay), J.Rosin (CANB), W.Hexter (Hawthorn), M.Currie (Hawthorn) - Bronze 🥉



Women's Single Scull - Romy Cantwell (MUBC) - Gold 🥇

Men's Single Scull - Dom Frederico (Mercantile) - Bronze 🥉

Lightweight Men's Single Scull - Damien Schroder (MUBC) - Gold 🥇

Lightweight Women's Coxless Pair - Charlotte Ball, Amelie McComb (MUBC), Coach: M. Ryan - Gold 🥇 
Lightweight Men's Coxless Pair - Alex Tomanovits, Oscar Tyrrell (Mercantile) - Silver 🥈
Women's Double Scull - Livia Rosaia, Romy Cantwell (MUBC) - Silver 🥈
Men's Double Scull - Austin Reinehr, Dom Frederico (Mercantile) - Silver 🥈
Women's Coxless Four - K. Bitzios (MUBC), B. Harwood (MUBC), A. Morrison (Mercantile), Z. Lavery (MUBC) - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Men's Double Scull - Seth Swinney, Alex Tomanovits (Mercantile) - Bronze 🥉
Women's Quadruple Scull - L. Calvert (GUSP), L. Rosaia (MUBC), R. Cantwell (MUBC), D. Free (GUSP), Coaches: C. Holliday, D. Free - Bronze 🥉
Men's Coxed Eight - Z. Nixon (KRC), D. Frederico (Mercantile), O. Scalzo (Mercantile), J. Polkinghorne (Mercantile), J. Lord (KRC), A. Reinehr (Mercantile), D. Watter (KRC), M. Salisbury (KRC), Cox: J. Cooke (KRC), Coaches: A. Matthews, S. Rowe, M. Rowe - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Women's Quadruple Scull - Melbourne University - C. Ball, A. McComb, F. Murray, L. De Gleria Cade (MUBC) - Silver 🥈
Women's Coxed Eight - Melbourne University - C. Nevins, M. Dumbrell, K. Bitzios, B. Harwood, J. Wilcox, S. Marriott, R. Cantwell, Z. Lavery, Cox: E. Coghlan - Bronze 🥉
Women's Coxless Pair - Jess Morrison (Mercantile), G. Patten (WARC) - Gold 🥇 & B. Cox (UWABC), Paige Barr (Mercantile) - Silver 🥈 Lucy Stephan (MUBC), Katrina Werry (Mercantile) - Bronze 🥉
Men's Coxless Pair - Simon Keenan (MUBC) & P. Holt (UTS) - Gold 🥇 & Rohan Lavery (MUBC), J.Kench (SUBC) - Silver 🥈 & Hamish Wynn-Pope, Charlie Batrouney (MUBC) - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Women's Single Scull - Maggie Foley (Corio Bay), Coach: L. Hall-Sullivan - Silver 🥈
Lightweight Men's Single Scull - Nick Szigeter (Banks), Coach: B. Scott - Silver 🥈
Women's Double Scull - Amanda Bateman (MUBC), H. Hudson (SRC) - Gold 🥇
Women's Coxless Four - L. Stephan (MUBC), B. Cox (UWABC), J. Morrison (Mercantile), P. Barr (Mercantile) - Gold 🥇 & E. Gaffney (MUBC), S. Morton (SRC), J. Mitchell (MUBC), G. Rowe (UTS) - Silver 🥈
Men's Coxless Four - A. Widdicombe (Mercantile), B. Canham (MUBC), S. Turrin (SRC), J. Hicks (SRC) - Silver 🥈 & T. Masters (UTS), J. Robertson (Mercantile), F. Hamilton (Mercantile), A. Hill (ADEL) - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Women's Double Scull - Lucy De Gleria Cade (MUBC), Ellie Brennan (Banks) - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Men's Double Scull - W.Batt (SUBC), Damien Schroder (MUBC), Coaches: S. Fennessy, T. Laurich - Bronze 🥉
Lightweight Men's Eight - A. Tomanovits (Mercantile), G. Derham (Banks), D. Schroder (MUBC), O. Tyrrell (Mercantile), T. Hastings (Barwon), J. Roberts (Mercantile), N. Szigeter (Banks), B. Whitmee (Mercantile), Cox: A. Hall (Mercantile) - Gold 🥇
Lightweight Men's Quadruple Scull - J. Roberts (Mercantile), D. Schroder (MUBC), B. Whitmee (Mercantile), N. Szigeter (Banks) - Gold 🥇
Women's Quadruple Scull - T.Rigney (SUBC), A.Bateman (MUBC), H.Hudson (SRC), K.Rowan (SUBC) - Gold 🥇 & M.Foley (Corio Bay), A.Morrison (Mercantile), S.Reinehr (Mercantile), C.Khan (ANU), Coaches: A.Eaton, N.Harding - Bronze 🥉
Men's Coxed Eight - B. Canham (MUBC), J. Hicks (SRC), S. Turrin (SRC), A. Purnell (SUBC), J. Hargreaves (SUBC), J. O'Brien (SUBC), A. Dawson (ADEL), A. Widdicombe (Mercantile), Cox: K. Brodie (SRC) - Gold 🥇 & P. Holt (UTS), T. Masters (UTS), J. Kench (SUBC), R. Lavery (MUBC), J. Robertson (Mercantile), S. Keenan (MUBC), F. Hamilton (Mercantile), A. Hill (ADEL), Cox: A. O'Hanlon (UTS) - Silver 🥈 & M. McQuillan (SRRC), R. Rees-Turner (SRRC), D. Walsh (SUBC), T. Ungemach (UTS), H. Wynn-Pope (MUBC), H. Fox (MUBC), F. Miscamble (MUBC), C. Batrouney (MUBC), Cox: L. Burnell (MUBC), Coaches: M. Beer, J. Rook - Bronze 🥉
Women's Coxed Eight - E. Gaffney (MUBC), B. Cox (UWABC), G. Rowe (UTS), K. Werry (Mercantile), J. Swick (SRRC), L. Stephan (MUBC), J. Morrison (Mercantile), P. Barr (Mercantile), Cox: H. Verbunt (Mercantile) - Gold 🥇 & O. Aldersey (ADEL), G. Gleeson (SUBC), S. Marriott (MUBC), L. Alton (UQBC), E. Bramwell (ADEL), S. Morton (SRC), E. Price (SUBC), J. Mitchell (MUBC), Cox: K. Brodie (SRC)
Coaches: J. Keogh, T. Westgarth, E. Randell - Silver 🥈
Women's Coxed Eight Sprint - MUBC - A. McComb, B. Harwood, K. Bitzios, F. Murray, O. Pascoe, Z. Lavery, R. Cantwell, Y. Hooper, Cox: E. Coghlan - Silver 🥈
Men's Coxed Eight Sprint - N. Adkins (MUBC), D. Walsh (SUBC), J. Cain (MUBC), F. Oliver (MUBC), H. Wynn-Pope (MUBC), H. Fox (MUBC), F. Miscamble (MUBC), C. Batrouney (MUBC), Cox: L. Burnell (MUBC) - Silver 🥈
Men's Single Scull - Seth Swinney (Mercantile) - Silver 🥈
Mixed Coxed Four - K. Mitchell (UQBC), A. Skinner (Nestles), S. Walker (DRC), S. John (ANU), Cox: P. Russell (UQBC), Coaches: K. Hextell, M. Russell - Silver 🥈
Men's Single Scull Sprint - Aaron Skinner (Nestles) - Bronze 🥉
Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight Sprint - MGGS - L. Munro, S. Meredith-Smith, S. Davies, E. Cafferkey, S. Clifford, R. Anderson, B. Pitt, Z. Paul, Cox: L. Mohseni - Bronze 🥉
Schoolboy's Coxed Four - Ballarat Clarendon - S. Hall, M. Mason, J. Forsyth, C. McClure, Cox: R. Belcher, Coach: I. Peele - Gold 🥇 & St. Patrick’s - N. Bennett, A. Murfett, P. O'Brien, H. Reinehr, Cox: J. McLean, Coach: D. O'Doherty - Silver 🥈
Under 17 Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight - Loreto Toorak - A. Clements, Z. Bare, Z. Brajkovic, L. McComas, G. Kennedy, O. Fay, L. Woods, I. Quick, Cox: J. Grave, Coach: A. Ghali - Silver 🥈
Schoolgirl's Coxed Eight - Melbourne Girls’ Grammar School - M. Hayman, A. Bankes, M. Barrow, L. Wallace, L. Burney, S. O'Keefe, M. Clifford, E. Antonie, Cox: A. Surace - Bronze 🥉
Women's Coxless Four - Melbourne University - A. McComb, T. Crosthwaite, F. Murray, Y. Hooper - Bronze 🥉
Women's Double Scull - Helen Pearce, Kate Dyball (Richmond) - Gold 🥇
Men's Double Scull - Lachlan Rose, James Meads, Coach: B. Scott (Banks) - Gold 🥇 & J.Matheson, W.Gilbert, Coaches: S. Hutchison, J. McDonald (Wendouree Ballarat) - Silver 🥈
Women's Coxed Eight - Mercantile - M. Harrison, I. Nation, G. Ivers, F. Axten, L. Stocks, A. Watson, A. Luce, L. Carr, Cox: J. Rawolle, Coaches: P. Somerville, Z. Fettig-Winn, A. McNeil - Silver 🥈 & Melbourne University - A. Woodroffe, A. McComb, J. Caruso, T. Coull, O. Pascoe, L. Green, F. Murray, Y. Hooper, Cox: I. Jones - Bronze 🥉
Men's Coxed Eight - Mercantile - C.Clarke, H.Nicol, B.Connolly, L.Wilmot, J.Polkinghorne, H.Amad, H.Cathcart, O.Scalzo, Cox: I.Finch - Bronze